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Maintenance precautions

When maintenance and service are required,it is recommended that all work bedone by an authorized SUBARU dealer.

If you perform maintenance and serviceby yourself, you should familiarize yourselfwith the information provided in thissection on general maintenance andservice for your SUBARU.

Incorrect or incomplete service couldcause improper or unsafe vehicle operation.

Any problems caused by impropermaintenance and service performed byyou are not eligible for warranty coverage.


? AAlways select a safe area whenperforming maintenance on yourvehicle.
? Always be very careful to avoidinjury when working on the vehicle.

Remember that some of thematerials in the vehicle may behazardous if improperly used orhandled, for example, batteryacid.
? Your vehicle should only be servicedby persons fully competentto do so. Serious personal injurymay result to persons not experiencedin servicing vehicles.
? Always use the proper tools andmake certain that they are wellmaintained.
? Never get under the vehicle supportedonly by a jack. Always usesafety stands to support thevehicle.
? Never keep the engine running ina poorly ventilated area, such asa garage or other closed areas.
? Do not smoke or allow openflames around the fuel or battery.

This will cause a fire.
? Because the fuel system is underpressure, replacement of the fuelfilter should be performed onlyby your SUBARU dealer.
? Wear adequate eye protection toguard against getting oil or fluidsin your eyes. If something doesget in your eyes, thoroughlywash them out with clean water.
? Do not tamper with the wiring ofthe SRS airbag system or seatbeltpretensioner system, or attemptto take its connectorsapart, as that may activate thesystem or it can render it inoperative.

NEVER use a circuittester for this wiring. If yourSRS airbag or seatbelt pretensionerneeds service, consultyour nearest SUBARU dealer.

  • Before checking or servicing in the enginecompartment
  • When checking or servicing in the enginecompartment while the engine is running

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