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Trailer hitches


Never drill the frame or under-bodyof your vehicle to install a commercialtrailer hitch. If you do, dangerousexhaust gas, water or mud mayenter the passenger compartmentthrough the drilled hole. Exhaustgas contains carbon monoxide, acolorless and odorless gas which isdangerous, or even lethal, if inhaled.

Also, drilling the frame or underbodyof your vehicle could causedeterioration of strength of yourvehicle and cause corrosion aroundthe drilled hole.


? ADo not modify the vehicle exhaustsystem, brake system, orother systems when installing ahitch or other trailer towingequipment.
? Do not use axle-mounted hitchesas they can cause damage to theaxle housing, wheel bearings,wheels or tires.

Choose a proper hitch for your vehicle andtrailer. The use of a genuine SUBARUtrailer hitch is recommended. A genuineSUBARU hitch is available from yourSUBARU dealer.

If use of a non-genuine hitch is unavoidable,be sure the hitch is suited to yourvehicle and trailer. Consult with a professionalhitch supplier to assist you inchoosing an appropriate hitch for yourvehicle. Be sure to follow all of the hitchmanufacturer

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