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Cooling system


Never attempt to remove the radiatorcap until the engine has beenshut off and has cooled downcompletely. Since the coolant isunder pressure, you may sufferserious burns from a spray of boilinghot coolant when the cap isremoved.


? AVehicles are filled at the factorywith SUBARU Super Coolant thatdoes not require the first changefor 11 years/137,500 miles (11years/220,000 km). This coolantshould not be mixed with anyother brand or type of coolantduring this period. Mixing with adifferent coolant will reduce thelife of the coolant. Should it benecessary to top up the coolantfor any reason, use onlySUBARU Super Coolant.

If the SUBARU Super Coolant isdiluted with another brand ortype, the maintenance interval isshortened to that of the mixingcoolant.
? Do not splash the engine coolantover painted parts. The alcoholcontained in the engine coolantmay damage the paint surface.

  • Cooling fan, hose and connections
  • Engine coolant

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