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Engine exhaust gas (carbon monoxide)


? Never inhale engine exhaust gas.
Engine exhaust gas containscarbon monoxide, a colorlessand odorless gas which is dangerous,or even lethal, if inhaled.
? Always properly maintain the engineexhaust system to preventengine exhaust gas from enteringthe vehicle.
? Never run the engine in a closedspace, such as a garage, exceptfor the brief time needed to drivethe vehicle in or out of it.
? Avoid remaining in a parkedvehicle for a lengthy time whilethe engine is running. If that isunavoidable, then use the ventilationfan to force fresh air intothe vehicle.
? Always keep the front ventilatorinlet grille free from snow, leavesor other obstructions to ensurethat the ventilation system alwaysworks properly.
? If at any time you suspect thatexhaust fumes are entering thevehicle, have the problemchecked and corrected as soonas possible. If you must driveunder these conditions, driveonly with all windows fully open.
? Keep the rear gate closed whiledriving to prevent exhaust gasfrom entering the vehicle.


Due to the expansion and contractionof the metals used in the manufactureof the exhaust system, you may hear acrackling sound coming from the exhaustsystem for a short time after theengine has been shut off. This sound isnormal.

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