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On-road and off-road driving


? In a rollover crash, an unbeltedperson is significantly morelikely to die than a person wearinga seatbelt. You the driver andall your passengers should fastenthe seatbelts before startingto drive in order to minimize thechance of serious injury or death.
? Do not make sharp turns andquick maneuvers unless absolutelyunavoidable. Such actionsare dangerous as you may losecontrol, possibly resulting in arollover which could cause deathor serious injury.
? Always maintain a safe drivingspeed according to the road andweather conditions in order toavoid having an accident on asharp turn, during sudden brakingor under other similar conditions.
? Whenever strong crosswinds arepresent, slow down sufficientlyto maintain control of your vehicle.

Remember that your vehicle,with its higher profile and centerof gravity, is more likely to beaffected by crosswinds than ordinarypassenger cars.
? Always use the utmost care indriving

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