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Battery replacement

The access key / transmitter battery maybe discharged under the following conditions.

? The operation of the keyless accessfunction is unstable
? The operating distance of the remotekeyless entry system is unstable
? The transmitter does not operate properlywhen used within the standard distance

Replace the battery with a new one.


? ADo not let dust, oil or water get onor in the access key/transmitterwhen replacing battery.
? Be careful not to damage theprinted circuit board in the accesskey/transmitter when replacingthe battery.
? Be careful not to allow children totouch the battery and any removedparts; children couldswallow them.
? There is a danger of an explosionif the battery is incorrectly replaced.

Replace only with thesame or equivalent type of thebattery.
? Batteries should not be exposedto excessive heat such as brightsunlight, fire or the like.


? AReplace only with the same orequivalent type of battery recommendedby the manufacturer.
? Dispose of used batteries accordingto local laws.
? Mount the battery in the correctorientation to prevent fluid leakage.

Be careful not to bend the terminals. Itmay result in a malfunction.
? It is recommended that the batteryshould be replaced by a SUBARUdealer.
? Use a new battery.
? After replacing the battery, confirmthat the access key/transmitter functionsproperly.

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