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Operation during cold weather

Carry some emergency equipment, suchas a window scraper, a bag of sand,flares, a small shovel and jumper cables.

Check the battery and cables. Coldtemperatures reduce battery capacity.

The battery must be in good condition toprovide enough power for cold winterstarts.

It normally takes longer to start the enginein very cold weather conditions. Use anengine oil of a proper grade and viscosityfor cold weather. Using heavy summer oilwill make it harder to start the engine.

Keep the door locks from freezing bysquirting them with deicer or glycerin.

Forcing a frozen door open may damageor separate the rubber weather stripsaround the door. If the door is frozen,use hot water to melt the ice, and afterwardsthoroughly wipe the water away.

Use a windshield washer fluid that containsan antifreeze solution. Do not useengine antifreeze or other substitutesbecause they may damage the paint ofthe vehicle.

SUBARU Windshield Washer Fluid contains58.5% methyl alcohol and 41.5%surfactant, by volume. Its freezing temperaturevaries according to how much itis diluted, as indicated in the followingtable.

EN: Operation during cold weather

In order to prevent freezing of washerfluid, check the freezing temperatures inthe table above when adjusting the fluidconcentration to the outside temperature.

If you fill the reservoir tank with a fluid witha different concentration from the oneused previously, purge the old fluid fromthe piping between the reservoir tank andwasher nozzles by operating the washerfor a certain period of time. Otherwise, ifthe concentration of the fluid remaining inthe piping is too low for the outsidetemperature, it may freeze and block thenozzles.


? Adjust the washer fluid concentrationappropriately for the outside temperature. If the concentrationis inappropriate, sprayedwasher fluid may freeze on thewindshield and obstruct yourview, and the fluid may freeze inthe reservoir tank.
? State or local regulations onvolatile organic compounds mayrestrict the use of methanol, acommon windshield washer antifreezeadditive. Washer fluidscontaining non-methanol antifreezeagents should be usedonly if they provide cold weatherprotection without damagingyour vehicle

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