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Body & Electrical • Glass/Windows/Mirrors • Rear Window Defogger • Inspection 2009 Subaru Forester

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GLASS/WINDOWS/MIRRORS > Rear Window Defogger




Repair order

Rear window defogger does not operate.

(1) Check the fuse.

(2) Check the rear defogger relay.

(3) Check the rear defogger switch.

(4) Check the heat wire.

(5) Check the wiring harness.

(6) Check body integrated unit.


Rear window defogger system can be customized on the Subaru Select Monitor, when the body integrated unit customize setting {A/C ECM setting} is “support”. (Auto A/C model)

System name

Initial setting

Customize setting

Rr defogger op. mode

OFF after 15 min.

Repeat 15 min. operation and 2 min. stop.



Check whether the “Rr defogger op. mode” setting is in initial setting or customize setting before performing inspection.

1. Check the input signal when the rear window defogger switch is operated using Subaru Select Monitor.

(1) Prepare the Subaru Select Monitor. GLASS/WINDOWS/MIRRORS > General Description > PREPARATION TOOL

(2) Turn the ignition switch to ON (engine OFF) and run the “PC application for Subaru Select Monitor”.

(3) On «System Selection Menu» display, select {Integ. unit mode}.

(4) Select the {Rr defogger output} on {Current Data Display & Save}.

(5) Check the displayed data (ON/OFF) by operating the rear window defogger switch.

2. Check the operation with rear window defogger switch ON.

• When customize setting is set as “Continuous”, it is normal if the 15-minute operation and 2-minute stop repeats.

• When customize setting is “Normal”, it is normal if the operation lasts for 15 minutes and then turns OFF.

3. When the operation in 2) above fails, replace the body integrated unit.



When wiping off the stain on glass with cloth, use a dry and soft cloth and move it in the direction of the heat wire extension to avoid damage to the heat wire.

1. Turn the ignition switch to ON.

2. Turn the defogger switch to ON.

3. Wrap the tips of tester probe with aluminum foil to avoid damage to heat wire.

2009 Subaru Forester Body & Electrical • Glass/Windows/Mirrors • Rear Window Defogger • Inspection


Tester probe


Aluminum foil


Heat wire



4. Measure the voltage at heat wire center (1) with DC voltmeter.

Standard voltage:

Approx. 6 V

2009 Subaru Forester Body & Electrical • Glass/Windows/Mirrors • Rear Window Defogger • Inspection



Approx. 6 V

Normal operation

Approx. 12 V or 0 V



• If the measured value is 12 V, heat wire is open between heat wire center and positive (+) terminal of tester probe.

• If it is 0 V, the circuit is open between heat wire center and ground.

5. Connect the tester probe of positive lead of voltmeter to positive terminal of heat wire and move tester probe of negative lead along the heat wire up to the negative terminal end. If voltage changes from zero to several volts during movement of tester probe, heat wire is open at the voltage change point.

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