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EyeSight > General Description


• Before disassembling or reassembling parts, always disconnect the battery ground cable from battery. When replacing the audio, control module and other parts provided with memory functions, record the memory contents before disconnecting the battery ground cable. Otherwise, the memory is cleared.

• Reassemble the parts in the reverse order of disassembly procedure unless otherwise indicated.

• Adjust parts to the given specifications.

• Connect the connectors securely during reassembly.

• After reassembly, make sure that the functional parts operate normally.

• Yellow connectors and harnesses with yellow tapes around them are the connectors and harnesses for the airbag system. Using a tester above such circuits may cause malfunction of airbag system. Follow the cautions for the airbag system in this case. AIRBAG SYSTEM > General Description > CAUTION

• Be careful not to damage the airbag system wiring harness when servicing electrical parts and switches.

• If the steering wheel and steering angle sensor (steering roll connector) are removed, adjust the steering angle sensor. VEHICLE DYNAMICS CONTROL (VDC) > VDC Control Module and Hydraulic Control Unit (VDCCM&H/U) > ADJUSTMENT

• If the glass is damaged inside the glass repair prohibited area, always perform the glass replacement. EyeSight (DIAGNOSTICS) > General Description > INSPECTION

Even if a scratch that occurs inside the prohibited area is repaired, this will affect the recognition of the stereo camera, which may cause the EyeSight function not to operate correctly.

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