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Control System • Eyesight (Diagnostics) • General Description • Caution 2015 Subaru Forester

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Airbag system wiring harness is routed near the cruise control command switch.


• Do not use the electrical test equipment on the airbag system wiring harnesses and connector circuits.

• Be careful not to damage the airbag system wiring harness when servicing the cruise control command switch.

2. EyeSight


• Do not hold the camera unit of the stereo camera.

• Do not touch the lens on the stereo camera.

• Do not clean the lens of the stereo camera.

• When cleaning the windshield glass, use care so that the glass cleaner, etc. does not come in contact with the lens of the stereo camera.

• Do not make an impact or apply excessive force to the stereo camera.

• Do not disassemble the stereo camera.

• Do not change the installation position of the stereo camera or do not modify the surrounding structure.

• If the stereo camera or windshield glass is removed or replaced, always adjust or check the stereo camera.

• When lifting up the vehicle to rotate the tires, turn off the pre-crash function.

• Stereo camera axis may be displaced even in a minor collision. Even if the EyeSight warning light or etc. is not illuminated, or the E3 is not displayed on the multi information display, adjust the stereo camera.

• When removing the stereo camera cover assembly, cover the camera cover opening with the protective tape with a weak adhesive force such as masking tape, etc. EyeSight > Stereo Camera > REMOVAL

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