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Remote engine start system (dealeroption)

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NOTE For more details, refer to the Owner

NOTE For models without

New transmitters can be programmed tothe remote engine start system in theevent that a transmitter is lost, stolen,damaged or additional transmitters aredesired (the system...

Models with automatic climate controlsystem: After the system starts the engine, theautomatic climate control system willactivate the

In service mode, the remote engine startfunction is temporarily disabled to preventthe system from unexpectedly starting theengine while being serviced. To engage or disengage...

An alarm trigger may occur if the vehicle isopened by the remote keyless entrytransmitter within a few seconds immediatelyfollowing remote engine start shutdown.

1. Unlock the vehicle doors using thekeyless access function (if equipped) orremote keyless entry system. If the vehicle

Models without Starting the engine NOTE All vehicle doors (including rear gate)and the engine hood must be closedprior to activating the remote enginestart system. Any open entry point...
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