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Meters and gauges

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When the ignition switch is turned to the

The tachometer shows the engine speedin thousands of revolutions per minute. CAUTION Do not operate the engine with thepointer of the tachometer in the redzone. This may...

The speedometer shows the vehiclespeed.

It is possible to activate or deactivate themovement of the meter needles andgauge needles that takes place when theignition switch is turned to the

Odometer This meter displays the odometer whenthe ignition switch is in the

Fuel gauge The fuel gauge is displayed when theignition is in the

ECO gauge (if equipped) The ECO gauge shows the differencebetween the current rate of fuel consumptionand the average rate of fuel consumptionsince the trip meter was last reset. If the needle of...

Double trip meter This meter displays the two trip meterswhen the ignition switch is in the
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