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When playing podcasts or audiobooks,select a chapter in the same way asdescribed in

When connecting USB storage device Repeating is operated in the same way asfor a CD. For details, refer to

WARNING Do not operate an iPod

This message is displayed under thefollowing conditions. ? When there is a short in the USB bus ? When an unsupported device (for examplea USB mouse) is connected ? When an...

Select a track in the same way as for aCD. For details, refer to

NOTE For models with the multi functiondisplay, the following information willbe displayed while using a USB storagedevice/iPod

NOTE For models with the genuine SUBARUnavigation system, refer to the Owner Connectable USB storage device Connectable iPod Connecting USB storage device / iPod How to...

Mass storage class USB memory can beconnected. USB storage devices that canbe played back are accompanied by thefollowing restrictions. ? Maximum directory layers: 8...

Fast-forwarding and rewinding are operatedin the same way as for a CD. Fordetails, refer to

Random playback To playback tracks at random, brieflypress the

Connectable iPod CAUTION Do not connect an iPod
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