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When the ignition switch is turned to the

When the ignition switch is turned to the

When the door is unlocked and thedriver

WARNING In freezing weather, do not use thewindshield washer until the windshieldis sufficiently warmed by thedefroster. Otherwise the washer fluid canfreeze on the...

WARNING ? Never turn the ignition switch to LOCK ACC ON START Key reminder chime Ignition switch light (if equipped)

This is the normal operating position afterthe engine is started.

The wiper operates only when the ignitionswitch is in the

The tachometer shows the engine speedin thousands of revolutions per minute. CAUTION Do not operate the engine with thepointer of the tachometer in the redzone. This may...

The speedometer shows the vehiclespeed.

The reminder chime sounds when thedriver

The engine is started in this position. Thestarter cranks the engine to start it. Whenthe key is released (after the engine hasstarted), the key automatically returns tothe

Several of the warning and indicator lightsilluminate when the ignition switch isinitially turned to the Seatbelt warning light and chime SRS airbag system warning light...

NOTE Liquid-crystal displays are used insome of the meters and gauges onthe combination meter. You will findtheir indications hard to see if you wearpolarized glasses....

NOTE If your vehicle is equipped with aninformation display (monochrome), referto Basic operation Welcome screen Ending screen Self-check screen Interruption screen...

NOTE If your vehicle is equipped with a colormulti function display, refer to Outside temperature indicator Driving information display Clock

It is possible to activate or deactivate themovement of the meter needles andgauge needles that takes place when theignition switch is turned to the

In this position the electrical accessories(audio, accessory power outlet, etc.) canbe used.

If the ignition switch is turned to the

For easy access to the ignition switch inthe dark, the ignition switch light illuminateswhen the driver

CAUTION ? Use of any lights for a long periodof time while the engine is notrunning can cause the battery todischarge. ? Before leaving the vehicle, makesure that the lights...

Automatic headlight beam leveler (models withHID headlights) The HID headlights generate more lightthan conventional halogen headlights. Therefore a driver of an oncoming...

Always check that the inside and outsidemirrors are properly adjusted before youstart driving. Inside mirror Auto-dimming mirror/compass (if equipped) Auto-dimming...

Operating range for push-button start system Switching power
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