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NOTE ? If a cell phone is placed near theradio, it may cause the radio to emitnoise when the phone receives calls. This noise does not indicate a radiomalfunction. ? For...

Manual tuning

Station preset How to preset stations 1. Select the preferred reception mode. 2. Select the preferred station. 3. Press and hold one of the presetbuttons (from to ) to store thefrequency....

HD RadioTM Technology (Digital AM and FMRadio) (type B and E audio) HD Radio Technology is fueling the digitalradio revolution in the United States andaround the world. The digital technology enables broadcastersto offer new and unique FM...

Displaying radio PS (Program Service Name) andRT (Radio Text) (type A, B and E audio) Type A audio If the PS (Program Service Name) and/orRT (Radio Text) are available, pressingthe
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