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Hard to find a motorist that does not know the name of Forester. Appearing in 1997, this model has become one of predestines the future of the SUV class, today gained crazy popularity and continues to push the automobile of one's fellows in all classes. Professing the philosophy of a reliable utility vehicle, devoid of the overly complex problems in the form of “razdatok”, locks, etc., he carried her through all six generations. But at the time, how competitors are changing and going forward, the Subaru Forester has remained a reactionary.

Anyway, the laws of the road genre to be adhered to, and in the spring of 2016, the audience was presented restyled version of the Subaru Forester. What has changed in the crossover and how deep were these changes, we try to find out during our test drive! Well, all the details about dorestaylingovyh car you can find

The Subaru Forester is a well-known model of SUV, designed for both outdoor activities and everyday urban life. During the restyling of the 4th generation Subaru Forester, the brand remained true to tradition and retains the distinctive look, giving it a masculinity and dynamics. The main changes were aimed at improving ride comfort.

In the updated "the Forester" by increasing the thickness of the glass improved insulation. In any frost You will feel more comfortable driving the car and in the passenger seat, as on the updated Forester is now available heated steering wheel* and all seats**. Also the driver's seat now has 10 adjustment settings, so You don't afraid of long journeys. The new interior is not only pleasing to the touch, but also very practical to use.

Touched on the changes and torpedo. The instrument cluster is located so that the necessary information could be obtained quickly and easily. Multimedia system easily syncs with Your smartphone and allows you to chat on the phone to change playlists, check email while driving.

As for external changes, they made the car stylish and recognizable. Updated Subaru Forester can be easily recognized by the modified front headlamps, a new picture of the radiator and tail lights.

The traditional Subaru cars the responsive handling and agility at the start provides a horizontally-are Subaru BOXER engine with pistons arranged at an angle of 1800 , with a low waist and a more flat profile compared to other engine types. This is due to a lower center of gravity of the engine and vehicle in General, and a more even distribution of weight. The combination of a balanced motor and is extremely resistant symmetrical all-wheel drive system provides an incredibly high level of control over the car on any road surface. Improved front and rear suspension Forester guarantee immediate response to control during driving.

Passive safety system includes an enhanced frame design which redirects and effectively absorbs the impact energy, protecting passengers in the event of a collision. Cushions, blinds and protection of the knee SRS is now even more effective in combination with safety belts. The active safety system includes the brake system with disc brakes for all four wheels and equipped with electronic system of redistribution of brake efforts. For the most reliable braking in extreme situations, the Forester is equipped with a system priority brake (Brake Override). Intelligent dynamic stabilization system allows you to confidently take turns at high speed. Depending on the amount of engines the maximum speed is 190 — 221 km/h and acceleration to hundreds of takes from 10.6 to 7.5 seconds. Average fuel consumption does not exceed 8.5 l/100 km in mixed mode.

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