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Subaru Forester remains a reactionary


Hard to find a motorist that does not know the name of Forester. Appearing in 1997, this model has become one of predestines the future of the SUV class, today gained crazy popularity and continues to push the automobile of one's fellows in all classes. Professing the philosophy of a reliable utility vehicle, devoid of the overly complex problems in the form of “razdatok”, locks, etc., he carried her through all six generations. But at the time, how competitors are changing and going forward, the Subaru Forester has remained a reactionary.

Anyway, the laws of the road genre to be adhered to, and in the spring of 2016, the audience was presented restyled version of the Subaru Forester. What has changed in the crossover and how deep were these changes, we try to find out during our test drive! Well, all the details about dorestaylingovyh car you can find

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